Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoying God

This is an excerpt from the book Enjoying God by S.J. Hill.

"The blemishes, scars, and extra pounds may weigh on your heart, but they don't weigh on His. God loves your freckles. He loves your funky-shaped toes. He loves you -- just as you are. He loves your uniqueness. He loves the smile that only your face can radiate. He loves you when you're awake, vibrant, and full of life. And He loves you when you're down, struggling, and lethargic.

He even loves you when you're sleeping. He gets excited when you wake up -- even with morning breath and 'sleep' tucked in the corners of your eyes. He can't wait to hear your voice. He looks forward to your first thoughts. He loves accompanying you throughout the day. He enjoys being with you at work. He isn't watching the clock or tapping His toe until five o'clock. Just being with you is enough. He loves talking with you, traveling with you, and being tender with you. He loves watching you enjoy His creation. He smiles when you look at the mountains, sea, or sky and think of Him. "

I'm currently reading this book but I'm definitely willing to ship it off to whoever wants to read it after. Just send me an email to stating this!

What are your thoughts on this passage from the book?

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