Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happiness is:

The phrase "morning beautiful"
A walk in the park with my dog
Sitting near a beautiful lake watching the ripples in the water
Someone laughing at their own strange joke that no one gets but them
Worshiping until I weep
Finding $5 in my jean's pocket
Holding my boyfriend's hand while he's driving the car
Riding my bike
Listening to U2 on my MP3 player
An embraced hug
A great cup of coffee
Reading a great fiction book
Bible study with Gwen – got to get back on track though
Waking up early and enjoying the quiet
Talking to my best of friends on the phone
The city of Chicago
A great “chick flick” that makes me cry and/or laugh

Times will always get tough in life and more than we want, they hit when we least expect it to, no matter how prepared we are for it. With each passing, sad moment of our lives, some good comes out of it. It makes you harder, stronger, and in the end, more caring. It teaches us that we can be vulnerable, and how to deal with others when they are. Throughout life we embrace certain elements that keep us smiling in the storms. The list above are just a few that make me smile when I read them. As you read each one, slowly remember the memories, and how you felt at the time. Each word can bring a little more joy. God did not forget you, in the times you want to laugh or cry, he is just one step away, always. Forever.

Challenge: Make your own list or add to this one. If you made your own list, post the link to your blog in the comments.

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Eternal Images said...

I love your list! Simple things matter too!